Glonisla (Japanese: グロニスラ, Hepburn: Guronisura) is the second-largest city in El Kadsre. Glonisla serves as the headquarters of the United El Kadsreian Nations, the regional intergovernmental organization.

During the Vlokozu-era, Glonisla was proposed to be a new capital city of the Vlokozu Union but it was numerously postponed due to the unfavorable opinions from the people of the union and it was ultimately scrapped after the collapse.


Glonisla was established in 1847. At the time, the city was called Goronisura by Sentanese Japanese speakers and Zarabuchi by Native Japanese speakers.



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The population of Glonisla is about 10,943,922. (2019 estimate)



One of El Kadsre's famous authors, Hinata Kazunori, was born in Glonisla in 1941. She wrote several novels under the collective series The Rainbow Mirror. The first novel in the series, Akari Kagamine, and the Rainbow Mirror was published in 1991 and garnered critical acclaim from critics. The Akari Kagamine Magic Show has been running at the Glonisla Matsuri for the past twenty years, since 2001.

Glonisla is also the home to Seymour Games, which is one of the largest third-party developers.

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