"(A slow zoom in of Caesars Palace fades in) From Caesars Palace, (insert contestants) (shows a slow wipe in on the set and the Gods and Mythologies logo fades in) Ladies and gentleman, this is GODS and MYTHOLOGIES! (The Gods and Mythologies logo fades out and Geoff Edwards walking into the stage) And now your host, GEOFF EDWARDS!"

Gods and Mythologies is a 1980 unsold pilot created and produced by Robert Noah for Merrill Heatter-Bob Quigley Productions, hosted by Geoff Edwards, by the time he finished his sub-host run on Chain Reaction (1980) and Play the Percantages, announced by Kenny Williams, and taped on September 22, 1980, in Caesars Palace. It is known as a spiritual predecessor to Caesar's Challenge.


The game starts by walking into the stage, while a quiz plays about gods. Round 1 plays the way, except the answer that solved is "ROMAN".


  • The theme music is the same as the theme of the 1976 game show Hot Seat.
  • If a contestant got it right, the 1979-1981 Hollywood Squares theme plays.
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