Goiky is a transcontinental country in East Asia and Micronesia north of Minecraftia. Its the oldest known country in the world. And is also one of the three countries to avoid colonization, the other two being Ethiopia and Liberia. The Soviets tried invading the country after they killed King Kenjirou of Minecraftia but the objects killed the Soviets and helped Minecraftia.

Like Minecraftia, Goiky was locked in an intense battle against the Soviet Union during the late 20th century, which started with the Soviet invasions in the mid-1970s, after the objects heard of the attempted coup d'état of the Minecraftian royal family, the Soviets went to war against Goiky which led to the Goiky War.

The anthem of the country is Kimigayo.


The country has four television channels: GNTV, GC2, 3TV, and Fox.

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