Gopher Broke is a 2004 computer-animated short film produced by Blur Studio and directed by Jeff Fowler and Jamie Breuer. Blur was nominated for its Academy Award for the short film.


A gopher finds himself on a road where trucks are hauling produce to market. He hits on the idea of shaking some of the produce loose for himself, but other animals always beat him to the booty. That is, until a truck comes along with a cow...



Gopher Broke was originally released on September 30, 2004 in the United States. It was also attached to the theatrical release of Gabriel and the Wacky Pack on November 27, 2011 and was subsequently featured on that film's DVD and Blu-ray releases.

Unproduced feature-length film

A feature-length animated film based on the short was in development in 2006, at Blur Studio.[1] Jeff Fowler was set to write and direct the film, but since then, there has been no further news about the project, which was most likely cancelled.


  • A reference to Gopher Broke was put in Geo LTD.'s 2011 film Gabriel and the Wacky Pack. In the background during a scene of Gabriel and the gang having another "Midnight Party" in his room, you can see some Lars watching the short film on a small portable TV. The credits list Greg Berg as an additional voice because of this.
  • The same model used for the Gopher Broke cow was used in Geo LTD.'s 2015 film Geo 2.


Coming soon!



  1. 'Gopher Broke' To Be Made Into Feature Length
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