Goro Yukimura (雪村悟朗 Yukimura Gorō; born December 19, 1953) is a El Kadsreian actor. He is known for portraying several roles in the Technic Heroes franchise, including Ashley Mizuki aka. Calor in the Robotman and Nova Orbis series, Hiroshi Yoshimura aka. Matoro in the Bionicle series and Preston Davis aka. Stormer in the Hero Factory franchise.


Goro was born in El Kadsre City on December 19, 1953. His father was a Japanese-Brazilian from João Pessoa and his mother a Japanese-American from Los Angeles. His mother fled to Switzerland to escape the internment of Japanese Americans after the Pearl Harbor attacks and then moved to the Sentanese Empire in 1948.

Yukimura 1976

Yukimura in 1976


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