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Gotaku is an American entertainment company headquartered in the Greater Boston area with a European licensing and distribution office in Rome, Italy and a Latin American licensing and distribution office in Mexico City, Mexico that licenses and distributes anime, tokusatsu, Asian films and animation, Japanese cinema, and Asian television dramas. It also licenses and distributes western animated series, comedy series, Russian/Soviet animation, adult anime, monster movies, telenovelas, African films, and Turkish television dramas. It's name is a portmanteau of "Go" and "Otaku". Gotaku was one of the original companies in the U.S. dedicated to licensing anime after AnimEigo and Streamline Pictures. Gotaku and AnimEigo are the last remaining "original" anime licensing companies still in business.

Gotaku was acquired by Cisneros Group on May 2, 2001 and began expansion into Europe and Latin America. During this time, the company also began licensing other forms of foreign media than just anime and tokusatsu, first with Venezuelan and Mexican telenovelas and then with Asian TV dramas.

In 2009, Cisneros sold Gotaku for US$42 million to a group consisting of various investors including founders Mayuka George and Morgan Abrahamsen, who went on to form the company's parent Pine Tree Media LLC. On January 19, 2018, Gotaku was acquired by Atlanta-based Cox Media Group. Mayuka will continue being CEO while Andy will continue working as the Head of Acquisition & Licensing.

Physical distribution for Gotaku titles is currently handled by PBS Distribution with digital distribution handled in-house. Gotaku also streams their titles through Crunchyroll, Netflix, One Play, FunimationNow, Polygon, and their YouTube and VidSpace channels.

Musical production for Gotaku's English dubs is handled by Peter Wolf, Fernanda Herrada, and M. Ashlee Snyder.



Gotaku was founded in March 1988 by Japanese-American Mayuka George, Boston television news anchor Andy Clibburn, and Dairy Queen franchisee Morgan Abrahamsen in South Boston. The first anime series the company licensed was Captain Tsubasa.

Morgan Abrahamsen controversy

In 1990, Morgan was involved in a highly publicized fraud scandal in Boston. As a result, Morgan was fired from the company. Morgan as a result founded New England Anime Inc.


In January 1990, Mayuka and Andy founded the company's very own production and recording facility, Boston City Sound Studios, to dub their licenses into English. Much of the original talent were either local Bostonian actors or college students.

The company licensed Candy Candy in 1991, which was their first "popular" license. In 1992, Gotaku began outsourcing dubs to Power Network in El Kadsre in order to allow Boston City Sound Studios to focus on dubbing Gotaku's "high-priority licenses", though Power Network also got to dub some of those "high-priority licenses" as well.


For several years, Gotaku had been outsourcing dubs to Boston City Sound Studios, Montreal's Cinelume, and El Kadsre's Power Network. With several of the voice actors from BCSS telling management that they felt "tired" and Cinelume and Power Network becoming "way too dirt cheap to use", Gotaku founder Mayuka George was given the inspiration to create the Springfield, Massachusetts-based Hoop City Sound Studios (later shortened to Hoop City in 2008) in August of 1996.

In 1998, Gotaku began using The Film & Video Factory (now Sunflower Post) in New Hampshire.




In 2016, Gotaku created Candy Volcano Studios in Gardner, Massachusetts to not only "pick up the slack" from Boston City Sound Studios, Hoop City, and Sunflower Post but also to train fledgling voice actors.


On January 19, 2018, Gotaku and Cox Media Group announced that Cox had acquired Gotaku for $2 million.

On March 3, 2019, Gotaku announced that it had taken over the Saint Seiya license from New Video. It also announced that it had sub-licensed Saint Seiya Omega from Crunchyroll for the production of a English dub and had acquired the non-streaming rights for Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas (Netflix has streaming rights).


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The Gotaku name is also the main label for the bulk of the company's anime titles.


The Kidtaku name is the label used for some of the company's more-child-oriented titles.


The Asiana name is the label used for the company's licensed Asian series and films.


The Gollywood name is used for licensed Indian titles, especially Bollywood films in the Hindi language.


The Turco name is the label used for the company's licensed Turkish television dramas.

Western Gaze

Western Gaze is the company's label for animated series from North America and Europe.

Works for Other Companies

Gotaku has offered it's dubbing studios' services to other companies since the late 90's, while the company themselves have worked with other licensors in the past:

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