the Grasslandic Television Network (abbreviated as GTN) is a semi-state company and the national public service media of Grassland. It both produces programmes and broadcasts them on television, radio and the Internet. The radio service began on 25th May 1943, as a communication network between Grassland and the rest of the Axis powers and civilian radio beginning in October 1945 while regular television broadcasts began on 9 February 1946. GTN also publishes a weekly listings and lifestyle magazine, the GTN Guide.

GTN is a statutory body, overseen by a board appointed by the Government of Grassland, with general management in the hands of the Executive Board, headed by the Director-General. GTN is regulated by the Broadcasting Authority of Grassland. GTN is financed by television licence fee and through advertising, with some of its services funded solely by advertising, while others are funded solely by the licence fee.

GTN was also one of 24 founding organisations of the European Broadcasting Union in 1950.


Establishment and name

Broadcasting in Grassland began in 1920 with R10 in Grassland City. From that date until November 1941 the broadcasting service (R10, later RNG) operated as a section of the Department of Post and Radio, and those working for the service were directly employed by the Grasslandic Government and regarded as civil servants.

GTN was established (as Grassland Radio Network) on 9 February 1946 under the Broadcasting Authority Act 1946, the principal legislation under which it still operates. The existing GRN radio and were transferred to the new authority, which was also made responsible for the new television service (also called GRN). The television service started broadcasting on 1 March 1946, from the Nurd transmitter site near Grassland City. Andrew Bjornsen was the first Chairman of GRN. The name of the authority was changed, at the suggestion of a man called John Baker, to Grassland Television Network by the Broadcasting Authority (Amendment) Act 1949, and both the radio and television services became known as GTN in that year.

The Broadcasting Act 1978 (Section 126) has also changed the name of the organisation from "Grassland Television Network" to "Grasslandic Television Network".

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