Gravy and Spider is a Jetanie animated television series. It is about a mosquito named Gravy and a spider named Spider. The duo got their names from the gravy spider dish invented in Kuboia in the 1950s.

Three series were produced from 1972 to 1977. The first series in 1972 had 30 ten-minute episodes, whilst the second and third series in 1974 and 1977 had 26 fourteen-minute episodes each, which included two stories in one episode. Broadcast on JT1, it aired as part of the Windmill strand from 1974 until its discontinuation in 1979.


Every episode involved Gravy visiting Spider at her web. The two would often do something together such as playing a game or finding something they have never seen before.

The show included both voice acting and narrating.

American version

In the United States, Gravy and Spider was aired on Nickelodeon as part of Pinwheel, where it was redubbed with American voices and retitled The Mosquito and the Spider. Only series 2 and series 3 were ever dubbed under the new title.

As of 2020, the American version is completely lost, with no episodes known to survive.

International broadcast



  • Rete 1 (1977-????)


United Kingdom

  • BBC 1 (1973-1990)
  • Carlton Kids (1998-2000)
  • Nick Jr. (1999-2002)

United States

  • Nickelodeon (as part of Pinwheel; 1979-1990)
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