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Gree City is an American-Chilean adult animated series created by Greg Garfield that ran on MTV from May 1, 1984 to July 25, 1995.


Gree City focuses on Gree Guy and his life in Gree City.

Gree City - Gree Guy's Nightmares

Gree City - Gree Guy's Nightmares

The first episode of Gree City.


Gree City was first pitched to MTV in 1982 with a pilot episode, Greg Garfield said once in an interview that they ''loved it'' and Gree City started production in late 1982, the series was pitched to the japanese animation studio GAINAX (then Daicon Film), they were intrested form the get-go and Gree City's first season was done by early 1984, Atari caught note of Gree City and decided to make a video game of the series for the Atari 2600 based on the game with permission from Warner Bros. to save the struggling company.

MTV aired Gree City on May 1, 1984, Gree City was pretty sucessful as it was one of the only non-music related series on the channel, though it did have segments where Gree Guy would talk about his opinions on music, Gree City was one of the most popular shows in the older teens and young adults demographic.

Mattel made merchandise of the series.

In 1986, MTV (along with Nickelodeon and VH1) were bought by Viacom and Gree City was brought along with it.

In 1994, it was announced that Gree City would end after it's twelfth season in 1995 in order to ''keep the series from growing stail and repetitive'' and the series ended production in mid 1995, the series was replaced by reruns of Beavis and Butt-Head after it's cancellation.


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Gree City went on to revolutionize an entire generation of cartoons, many of the people that worked on Gree City later had their own shows, Robert Stainton, the executive producer of the series, went on to create Greeny Phatom for Fox Kids, Gabriel Garcia, a writer on the series, also went on to create Geo's World for ABC, and many of the animators on the series went on to work on Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water, Neon Genesis Evangelion and Gunbuster.


Greg Garfield said in an interview at San Diego Comic Con 2018 that "I'm okay with making a 13th season of Gree City, i have ideas for two more seasons of the show", in 2019, Greg Garfield made a short for MTV titled "Gree City: Reloaded", which was animated by Studio Yotta to pitch a 13th season, MTV liked the short but was unsure if Gree City would fit comfortably in MTV's modern lineup, Gree City's 13th season is still unsure but MTV said in a Gree City interview that "We will make a decision to greenlight a 13th season or not after the COVID-19 pandemic is over".


  • Gree Girl was planned to be Gree Guy's sister, but was instead changed to Gree Guy's crush.
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