Greenwood Forest, known as The Adventures of Fyp in certain countries, is a Kuboian Kantasy television series, and the second animated series to be produced by Kubokartoonz (now known as GeneBox Animation).

The series began production in 1989, and three series and twenty eight episodes were produced and aired from 1993 to 1995 on Bumper's Block. Reruns were later aired on KT from 2000 to 2008 and Boomerang from 2010 to 2013.


"Join Fyp and his sister, Billie, as they have fantastic adventures in their hometown, Greenwood Forest - an enchanted village where there are no schools, animals and objects can speak and no two days are the same!"

- the description of the show from its website.


Main characters

  • Fyp - an imaginative and adventurous nine year-old boy, and the high-profile son of Greenwood Forest's mayor. Fyp is always looking for something new to do each day, whether it is going on an expedition or learning something new. Although he is adventurous, he isn't very physically strong, and is prone to getting kidnapped.
  • Billie - Fyp's shy twin sister, who accompanies her brother a majority of the time. Despite being introverted, she is quick at acting when her brother is in trouble, and is usually the one to save him when he is.
  • Edward - the mayor of Greenwood Forest, and Billie and Fyp's father, who appears to be unaware of most of his children's adventures.
  • Butler - a servant employed by Edward to do chores in Fyp's house. He frequently encourages Billie and Fyp to be socially confident and to strive for success in their lives.

Recurring characters

  • Spider - a large friendly spider who lives in a cardboard box in Greenwood Forest's local supermarket. Although it cannot talk, it can understand human language.
  • Whitney - Fyp's best friend who has a one-sided crush on him. She is shown to be quite mischievous, and her curiosity sometimes gets her in trouble. Whitney doesn't put a lot of effort into hiding her crush on Fyp, but he doesn't seem to notice it.
  • Rosie - a friend of Fyp who is extremely self-important and greedy. and is disliked by most of the other characters. Like Whitney, Rosie has a crush on Fyp, but is more interested in trying to date him just to show off and boost her ego. She typically only does good things for people if she gets a reward out of doing so.
  • Peter - Rosie's uncle who is the same age as her, and the only person she treats with proper respect. Although he is fairly snobby, he is not as rude or selfish as his niece.
  • Marty - a round rock creature who lives in a cave next to the park in Greenwood Forest. He often likes to spend time alone in the dark, and can be very loud and grumpy. However, he will occasionally show his face, typically for special events.


Series overview

# Premiere Finale Ep.
1 21st August, 1993 18th December, 1993 9
2 20th August, 1994 17th December, 1994 10
3 21st October, 1995 16th December, 1995 9

Series 1 (1993)

# Title Original air date
1 21st August, 1993
It is Fyp's birthday, and when they are trying to work out what to get him, Billie, Whitney and Rosie get very competitive with each other.
2 28th August, 1993
Billie and Fyp go looking for Spider in Greenwood Forest's dark outskirts when it seemingly goes missing. However, they accidentally enter Marty's caves, who chases after them when he thinks they are burglars.
3 4th September, 1993
Whilst hanging out with Whitney, Fyp notices that she doesn't have a very healthy habit. Eventually, they decide to go to Fizzy Grape Falls, where they try a variety of different fruit.
4 11th September, 1993
When Fyp tells his friends about Geno, a new friend he has supposedly made, they become excited to meet him. However, they eventually discover that "Geno" is actually just an imaginary friend that Fyp has made up.
5 18th September, 1993
6 25th September, 1993
7 2nd October, 1993
8 9th October, 1993
9 18th December, 1993

Series 2 (1994)

# Title Original air date

Series 3 (1995)

# Title Original air date


Development on Greenwood Forest began in 1989. Whilst Kubokartoonz were working on The Incredible World of Riddles, Harlow Maynard organised a studio meeting to come up with a new show which they could work on after production on The Incredible World of Riddles was completed. Most of the episodes were written by Kubokartoonz co-founder Lake Caters and screenwriter Marty Rockfield, though two episodes were written by Geri Johnstone. According to Caters, most episodes were finished over a year before they were actually aired, and that all twenty eight episodes were originally part of a single series, but were cut into three series in order to let the team work on the show without feeling rushed.

Animation Studios

  • AKOM (majority of the series)
  • Tokyo Movie Shinsua (worked on polishing the character cels)


Music present in Greenwood Forest is mostly of the euro disco and eurodance genres. Ashley Maverick provided vocals for the show's theme tune, "Superstars".

During the show's original premiere, the intro would last 2 minutes 30 seconds. However, later reruns trimmed it down to 1 minute 30 seconds.

Home media

Throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, several VHS tapes consisting of around four or five episodes (in their original format) were released in Europe.

A DVD consisting of all twenty eight episodes was released worldwide in 2003.

International broadcast




  • CTV (1994-1996)
  • Teletoon (1998-2002)



  • M6 (1995-2001)
  • France 5 (2002-2011)


  • Super RTL (1995-2008)


  • Italia 1 (1995-2002)
  • K2 (2004-2010)


  • Kindernet (1995-2003)


  • RPN (1994-2003)

United Kingdom

  • CBBC (1994-2005)
  • POP! (2004-2010)

United States

  • First-run syndication (from 1994)
  • Toon Disney (1998-2004)
  • PBS Kids Sprout (2005-2010)
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