GreenyWorld CD is a 1994/1995 video game that was released on Sega CD, TurboGraphix-CD, and CD-i in 1994, and PlayStation, Sega Saturn, and PC in 1995. It was the last game to be released on CD-i and the only one to be released on Sega Saturn, due to failers of the system.


  • Little Guy
  • Dr. Beanson
  • Geo Guy
  • Eric Cartman

And more


  • 123 Greeny Phatom
  • 123 Geo's World
  • Gree Guy's Evil House
  • Eilpick11's Evil House

And more



PC Version

This is PC Version it works in Windows 95/NT This PC Version was released in 1995.


Gree Guy (123 Greeny Phatom)

Bryan Guy (123 Geo's world)

Gree Guy again (Gree Guy)

Eilpick11 (Eilpick11's Evil House)

And more


This remake will relased in 2012 But this PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade game will relased in 2012

He called GreenyWorld CD HD.

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