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One day, the peaceful town of 123 Greeny Phatom was invaded by Santed Sailor and the Beansons, a evil family that only cause chaos. They caused all the innocent people of the town to turn into Square Statues, which began the town's downfall. Only the sister of the king, Little Girl can reverse the curse. But Santed Sailor has kidnapped her along with a few statues and the 3 Little Guy Clones and taken her to his castle. But one Beanson sees the mess the others are making and decides to rebel. This one is named Dr. Beanson. Dr. Beanson searches for the king, Little Guy and finds him. He convinces him to journey with him to stop Santed Sailor by traveling 32 Levels.


  1. Level 1
  2. Level 2
  3. Level 3
  4. Level 4 (Dr.'s Castle)
  5. Level 5
  6. Level 6
  7. Level 7
  8. Level 8 (Dr. PBS's Castle)
  9. Level 9
  10. Level 10
  11. Level 11
  12. Level 12 (Beanson's Castle)
  13. Level 13
  14. Level 14
  15. Level 15
  16. Level 16 (Bob Beanson's Castle)
  17. Level 17
  18. Level 18
  19. Level 19
  20. Level 20 (Sergente Beanson's Castle)
  21. Level 21
  22. Level 22
  23. Level 23
  24. Level 24 (Pube Beanson's Castle)
  25. Level 25
  26. Level 26
  27. Level 27
  28. Level 28 (Gangster Sailor's Castle)
  29. Level 29
  30. Level 30
  31. Level 31
  32. Level 32 (Santed Sailor's Castle)


Name Sprite Role Description
Little Guy
1995-Little Guy.png
Playable The King of 123 Greeny Phatom. Little Girl's Brother and Gree Guy's Cousin.
Dr. Beanson
Playable Once a member of The Beanson Gang. Has a crush on Little Girl.
Geo Guy
Supporting A innocent person turned into a Square Statue. He is freed at Level 4
Gree Guy
Supporting The Prince Of 123 Greeny Phatom who was turned into a Square Statue. He is freed at Level 8. Little Guy and Little Girl's Cousin.
Green Bob
Supporting A innocent person turned into a Square Statue. He is freed at Level 12
Geo Girl
Supporting A innocent person turned into a Square Statue. He is freed at Level 16. Geo Guy's Sister.
Lucas Guy
Supporting A innocent person turned into a Square Statue. He is freed at Level 20.
Little Guy 2
Supporting A clone created with Little Guy and Bob Beanson's DNA. He is freed at Level 20.
Little Guy 3
Supporting Another clone of Little Guy. He is freed at Level 24.
Little Guy 4
Supporting Another clone of Little Guy. He is freed at Level 28.
Little Guy
Supporting The Queen of 123 Greeny Phatom. Is freed at Level 32. Little Guy's Sister and Gree Guy's Cousin.
Boss The weakest member of The Beanson Gang. The Boss of Level 4. Brothers to Dr. Beanson and Beanson.
Boss The newest member of The Beanson Gang. The Boss of Level 8
Boss The mascot of The Beanson Gang. The Boss of Level 12. Bob Beanson's Son and Dr., Sergente Beanson and Dr. Beanson's brother.
Bob Beanson
Boss Beanson, Sergente Beanson, Dr. and Dr. Beanson's Father and the founder of The Beanson Gang. The Boss of Level 16.
Sergente Beanson
Boss Brother to Dr., Dr. Beanson and Beanson. Father to Bob Beanson. He is in charge of the weapons. The Boss Of Level 20.
Pube Beanson
Boss A science experiment from Dr. Beanson gone wrong. The Boss of Level 24.
Gangster Sailor
Boss Brother of Santed Sailor and the strongest member of The Beanson Gang. The Boss of Level 28.
Santed Sailor
Boss The Leader of The Beanson Gang and the owner of Beach Park. The Boss of Level 32.

Anti-piracy protection

Anti piracy message that's shown at the end of the anti-piracy protection

To avoid piracy, Psygnosis, Acclaim, Kemco, Steepler/Nintendo, Bandai, Tiger Electronics, Blizzard Entertainment and Pioneer Electronics put anti-piracy protection into the game, if the game dectects that the copy is pirated, then strange things start to happen and Little Guy and Dr. Beanson insult you for pirating the game for about 20 minutes, then satanic symbols show up, each for one second, then the sound of a woman getting tortured and a baby crying, this goes on for 10 minutes, then the anti-piracy message display and after 5 minutes, then the console, handheld or computer that the pirated copy is played shuts off, the wipe the contents from the pirated copy or deleted it, making the pirated copy unstable, the pirated copy will explode and might damage the system you're playing the pirated copy on.

The hacking group Paradox took 2 years to crack the anti-piracy protection, in that time, the N64 version got cracked as well, one of the Paradox members said "Greeny Phatom was one of the most toughest games to crack for us, the code was all scrambled and when we thought we cracked it, it wasn't", Greeny Phatom was cracked on November 11, 1997 and the Dendy version was cracked in 2003.


  • This game features early designs for everyone because the game began development when the show was still being worked on.
  • It also used the scrapped storyline of Dr. Beanson being a traitor to his family.
  • The concept of the boss fights are the same as in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (the boss growing huge before fighting) which was being made at the same time. A possible connection between the two has not been confirmed.
  • This game was planned to be released for the Virtual Boy but was cancelled due to poor sales of the VB. All that remains of this scrapped version is a sketch of the title screen and a rom of the game that was dated 19/6/1995 that was leaked because of a 2020 Nintendo data leak.
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