Greeny Phatom and You is a personalized DVD series, originally released by JustMeMusic in 2004. The DVD was made so that viewers would feel more "connected" with the characters. There are 2 known volumes released from 2004 to 2007. 


Volume 1

Little Guy and Dr. Beanson greet the viewer at the beach. Little Guy reveals to the viewer that he and Dr. Beanson are having a mid-night sing-along party. But, before the guests arrive, Dr. Beanson has made a projector, that shows all the songs that will be on. 

After Tour de FranceBob Beanson bursts into the party, ready to destroy the fun. Annoyed, Geo Guy (who had appeared after Doctor's Chewing Gum Song) tapes Bob to a chair and forces him to sing-along to some of the songs. 

After Little Miss Show Theme, Bob Beanson has just about had it with the songs, somehow rips out the tape, and runs away. At this point, the guests come and Little Guy resumes the rest of the songs. 

After Come On, Come On, it's time to go. Geo Guy hopes everyone had a good time singing. Everyone says goodbye. Little Guy asks Dr. Beanson what songs they'll use in next year's sing-along. Dr. Beanson wonders the next sing-along, but shrugs and suggests the idea. 

Volume 2

Geo Guy, Little Guy 2, and Geo Girl welcomes the kids to yet another sing-along video. Little Guy 2 is excited to see what songs they have in store for the kids. Geo Girl agrees, she has so many favorites he wants to share. Geo Girl goes ahead and plays a few of her favorite songs.

After The Muppet Creature Song - DoctorLittle Guy 2 thinks those were all great songs, but he thinks he can do better and starts to play his songs. 

After Shopping SpreeLittle Guy 2 and Geo Girl begin to argue about what songs were the best. Geo Guy tells the two to stop arguing because both of their song selections were fantastic. Little Guy 2 and Geo Girl agree. Geo Guy says that Little Guy 2 and Geo Girl should pick some of the final songs, together. The two are happy to do so.

After Little Guy's SongLittle Guy 2, and Geo Girl are glad they could agree on such wonderful songs. Geo Guy hopes they can do this again another time. Little Guy 2, Geo Girl, and Geo Guy sign off. 


Volume 1

  1. Electric Avenue
  2. Holy Nightmare!
  3. Greeny Phatom Intro (Movie Version)
  4. Doctor's Chewing Gum Song
  5. Tour de France
  6. White Christmas
  7. Super Geo's Theme (Dance Remix)
  8. Woodpeckers from Space
  9. Little Miss Show Theme
  10. Toy Chase
  11. Thomas the Rank Engine (Remix)
  12. Come On, Come On

Volume 2

  1. The Alligator King (Russian Cover) 
  2. Super Geo's Theme (80's Remix)
  3. Blue's Clues Mailtime Song 
  4. The Muppet Creature Song - Doctor
  5. Tour de France
  6. Little Miss Show Theme
  7. Toy Chase
  8. Shopping Spree
  9. Doctor's Chewing Gum Song
  10. Come On, Come On
  11. Woodpeckers from Space
  12. Little Guy's Song
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