Gregory Pedro Williams (born George Pedro Williams; 15/05/1889 - 29/03/1945) was a Grasslandic politician and revolutionary. He was the leader of the Fascist Party of Grassland, and rose to power in Grassland in 1941.

Early years

Williams was born on 15 May 1889 in Besten. When he was three his family moved to Jerwen, a town with back then only 1,477 people. Williams attended school nearly every day, sung in the choir, and much more.


In 1929 he became an actor to act in movies. He was an actor for 6 years, starring in many movies.

Beginning of leadership

After his career of being an actor failed, he decided to become the leader. He joined the Fascist party of the Grasslandic Republic. He was immediately arrested because it was deemed illegal. Williams was in prison for 5 years. He got out luckily but he rejoined the party. He did it secretly and he quickly became the leader of the fascist party. People liked him so they joined the fascist party which lead to the coup.

World War 2 and leadership

The coup happened. The Grasslandic Republic was now the Grasslandic Empire. He was the leader of the fascist party, so he was leader of the nation. He took northern Norway and Murmansk just before the Soviets pushed back.


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On the 1st January 1945, at 1:26 PM Williams was shot. It was unknown if he was dead or not but he was.

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