Grupo Wágner is a Brazilian holding company, owned by it's CEO and main founder Wágner Malyan and it's co-owned by United World Media. Wágner along with Gianni Panariello, Adalgisa Goulart, and Sérgio Brahm founded Grupo Wágner in 1980 as Comunicações Wágner, for TV series production and ownership of Gravações Wágner and Rede Horizonte. It was renamed Grupo Wágner in 1992 when Wágner began to invest into other fields.

The principal holding of Grupo Wágner is Rede Horizonte, one of Brazil's most-watched television networks, along with it's sister channels.



  • Carwardine Parks and Buwalda's Restaurant are the only chains that have locations outside of Latin or South America.
  • Coincidentally, Carwardine Parks and Grupo Wagner were founded the same year.
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