Gtasia (/ˈdʒitieɪʒə/, /-ʃə/  jee-tee-asia) (German: Skhland) or Grand Theft Auto is a country in Europe bordered to Greece.


German Colonization (1889-1935)

In 1889, Germans colonized Gtasia.

Adolf Hitler (1935-1976)

In 1935, Adolf Hitler takes control of Gtasia.

Independence (1976-1977)

In 1977, Gtasia gained independence from Germany. They fought for 1 year.

Modern-day Gtasia (1977-present)

Gtasia became independent in 1977. Bunch of people from Spain and Mexico came to Gtasia, and the Spanish language was introduced.


The currency of Gtasia is Gtasian dollar (GTA$).


TV Networks are Radio Fernsehen Skhland (RFS), Grand Theft TV, Weazel, CNT etc.

Radio stations are RiseFM, Lips 106, Radio Del Mundo, Radio Los Santos, Space 103.2, Rebel Radio etc.


Gtasia has 5 states, Vice City, Liberty City, San Andreas, Chinatown Wars and GTA V. The capital is located at San Andreas State.

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