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Giljotiini (Icelandic: Guillotine) was a Dryicoran quiz programme first broadcast in 2005 based on the Finnish programme of the same name. It was considered Channel 4's response to the success of the BOD's The Weakest Link.

It has often been described as "a cross between The Weakest Link and PokerFace, with a bit of the Terminator round from Greed thrown into the mix." Originally thrown out straight away in primetime, it was relegated to daytime where it scored much better ratings when Deal or No Deal wasn't on.


The game starts with seven players. Upon seeing the question, a player may 'challenge' someone else, who they don't think knows the answer. They then go into a head-to-head: if the one being challenged does not know, they lose all their winnings; if the one being challenged answers correctly, the challenger loses all of their winnings and leaves the game.

Rounds carry on like this until the final round, where there is a final between the last two competitors, where one had to challenge the opponent if he did not know the correct answer.

Winners go through to semi-finals and then a final.


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