GumiEridochi (shortly: Gumichi) is the Crootch dub of Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears. It originally aired from 1993–1998 as part of the Disney Festival block on CGT 1.

Character name translations

Zummi Gummi → Tonnug ("a wizard")

Gruffi Gummi → Fa'atosi (fa'atogel' – "busy")

Grammi Gummi → Ki'ishima ("grandmother")

Tummi Gummi → Nasi (naak – "to eat")

Sunni Gummi → Eguesi (Eguski – "the Sun")

Cubbi Gummi → Chuni (chun – "a cub")

Cavin → Kyenai

Toadwart (Toadie) → Kshaurik (kshaurip "a lizard")

Voice cast

The opening song

The opening song in this dub has three versions. The original version uses the instrumental theme from the first Greek dub, while the second and third use a remade instrumental. The first two versions are not dubbed entirely. All the versions were performed by the Crootch musician Sendi Kisivoka. the second version (not full); – the first version (full).

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