Gunnin' Strikers[1] is a Japanese-American animated series created by Seventy-Seven Animation (Seven Arcs Pictures for season 3 onwards) for Mackelet Television. It premiered on CSA Saturday Morning[2] in the English language in 2017, and TV Asahi in the Japanese language in late 2017. The manga was written by Tiko Hirokawa and illustated by the art designer at the Strikers Project Team. Season 1 was premiered in June 3, 2017, season 2 was premiered in Feburary 3, 2018, season 3 was premiered on January 5, 2019, and season 4 was premiered on August 3, 2019.

The series were distributed in the United Kingdom by SiS Video Distributors.


From Seventy-Seven Animation website:

"Emiko Miyazaki is a 14 years old. She stays in school for 9 hours with 15 years old Yuri Shimoto. Meanwhile, the combine soldiers are sent to Tokyo by the combine elite leader Zakasis. Therefore, Emiko and Yuri found out that they are just finding the combine soldiers are going to hack Tokyo. The two girls met 11 years old Asuka Motoyuki. Now, Emiko, Yuri, and Asuka must dress their action-like police girls' suit to defeat the combine soldiers that Zakasis send them out. Thus, the "Gunnin' Strikers" were born!"

From Seven Arcs America website:

"Ashley, Flena, and Tracy are the Gunnin' Strikers. They are living on Tokyo. In the first episode, Ashley stayed on school with her friend, Flena." (incomplete)


Main Characters

Emiko Miyazaki/Ashley Lacklance

She is the leader of the Gunnin' Strikers team. She is 14 years-old who was dreaming to become a police.

Yuri Shimoto/Flena Tarkizer

She is a best friend of Ashley. Flena teamed-up with her to defeat the combine soldiers. On season 4, she joined Claire Mursell to stop Zakasis from hacking to

Asuka Motoyuki/Tracy Julierneck

She was really bored, and has always hard to work at her school.

References and Notes

  1. Known in Japan as Police Girls, Assemble!.
  2. CSA Network. Saturday Broadcasting List.
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