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Gyönyörű Földünk (meaning "Our Beautiful Earth" in Hungarian) was a Sentanese militia group. Formed in 1991, it ruled Sentan from 1995-2002. It was recognized by the United Nations Security Council, The United El Kadsreian Nations (UEKN), North American Treaty Organization (NATO), Australia, New Zealand, United States, United Kingdom, South Korea, India, YinYangia, Screencold and Line and various countries as a terrorist organization, however trade was still allowed with Sentan as a way of trying to topple the group's regime.


Gyönyörű Földünk was formed by Gábor and other Sentanese activists in 1991.


Horvath clan

Gábor Horváth

Known as "the boss", Gábor was born in Fusa on May 19, 1955 to Hungarian parents. His mother was an ethnic Hungarian from Berehove, Ukraine and his father was born in Nyíregyháza, Hungary. Gábor formed the group as "revenge". He was captured by the Mahrian troops during the battle of Fusa and was sentenced to death at the Abeta Trails and executed in Mahri in 2003.

Yoko Horváth

Born in Tokyo, Japan on September 13, 1955 to a Sentanese father and a Japanese mother, Yoko was Gábor's wife. She met Gábor in 1970 and they married in 1973.

In 2003, she was exiled to Japan. She currently lives in Saitama, where she runs a dry cleaning business.

Doug Horváth

Born on March 31, 1975, Doug was Gábor's oldest son. He was infamous for the kidnapping and torture of several Filipino businessman and New Zealand feminist Tara Jones. He was arrested in 2004 and put on house arrest until 2008. Despite numerous crimes committed by him including human rights violations and severe violations of the Geneva Convention, he only served time in house arrest. He also hosted the television channel True Sentanese Television, which was the group's answer to the privately-run STN. He currently lives under police protection in the Czech Republic.

Joseph Horváth

Born on December 30, 1975, Joseph was the second child of the Horvath clan. He claimed responsibility for the series of Sentanese embassy bombings in Paris, Moscow, Berlin, London, New Delhi, Seoul and Ottawa from 1993-1995. After the battle of Fusa, he tried to escape by using his fake name and passport. He was arrested on October 23, 2002 in Caracas, Venezuela and committed suicide two days later after he "drank poison".

Samantha Horváth

Born in Seoul, South Korea on a unknown date around January 1977, she was adopted by Gábor and Yoko at age 3. She is their third child and only daughter. She is infamous for the 2001 bombing of a Greenpeace rally in El Kadsre City. She was on house arrest from 2005-2009. She now works as a teacher at a school in Fusa.

Charles Horváth

Charles was the fourth child of the Horvath clan, born on December 15, 1980. He is known for the murder of animal rights activist Shujiao Hendriksson. He died in 2009 in a prison fire in El Kadsre.

Oliver Horváth

Oliver is the fifth and youngest child of the clan, born on a unknown date in February 1988. He is known for several pipe bomb attacks on Amnesty International offices around the United El Kadsreian Nations during 2001. He was sentenced to three years imprisonment at the Abeta Trials and imprisoned in a juvenile hall in Mahri from 2003-2006. He currently lives in Fusa and is one of the few living Horváth family members who still live in Sentan as of 2018.

The Annex

Mia Fajeed

Born in Ushabahtawad, Barokia in 1970, she joined the group in 1997 after Gábor offered her 16,000 Barokian riyal. She was imprisoned in Mahri from 2003-2006.

Usagi Yamanaka

Born in Fusa in 1963, she joined at the group's founding. She was Director of General Political Bureau. On April 2, 2001, Usagi was killed in a surprise explosion. Members of the Animal Liberation Front prepared the explosion as "revenge for the Sentanese government's executions of vegans and animal rights activists", and a TNT bomb was involved.

Darren McLeod

Born in Chakanoi in 1965, Darren was the Secretary General and master propagandist of the militia. He was sentenced to death at the Abeta Trials and executed in Mahri in 2003.

Konrád Barta

Born in Abeta, Mahri in 1972, Konrád was the military commander of the organization. He was killed in a car bomb attack in 2001.