The HSB is a high-speed rail system operated by Barokiya Ralfshah, running between Khafeld Village and Khilali. The trainsets used for HSB attain 250 mph on average every day.


In 1987, Barokiya Ralfshah began working on a high-speed rail system, inspired by the French TGV. In 1990, Guilford Transportation Industries, the American railroad operator that owned Barokiya Ralfshah at the time, selected a bid from a joint-project of Bombardier (54%) and Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Works (34%). The initial HSB I trainsets were built at the locomotive works in Zhuzhou, China and at Bombardier facilities in Canada and the United States. They went into service in January 1992, with a grand unveiling featuring singer-voice actor Ibro Majrashi and Sahar lead singer Mohammad Taqi Abdel Nour held prior to the entrance of service at the Simón Bolívar Memorial Station in Fusid City.

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