Haderon Fare'eshyi is a Kadersaryinan country statistics and analyzer that's well-known on VidSpace, YouTube, and Comaro for his live streams on live analytics for the countries in the Kadersaryinan Islands by population and GDP.




Ever since 2018, he got a job at Carnade as a statistics and analyzer management. In 2019, he gained 2% of ownership of Carnade in the Kadersaryinan Islands in a year after he got the job at Carnade. In the future, he might be either promoted as an executive statistics and analyzer management or he can become a potential future CEO of Carnade if the current CEO resigns, dies, or passes it over to him.

Personal life



During his college days, his main interests are economics, business, statistics, and analytics, while his other interests are Math, Philosophy, Science, Art, Writing, History, Sociology, Engineering, and Political science.


Subboting, viewboting, and economic situation with VidSpace and Haderon Fare'eshyi (2015-present)

See here: Subboting, viewboting, and economic situation with VidSpace and Haderon Fare'eshyi

His social media expansion (2011-present)

After his successful start in social media start in late 2010, in 2011-2012, he started expanding to LifeConnect, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and, Instagram. There were concerns that there's the user called Kadersaryinan Islands' Stats was monopolizing on social media, but the reaction wasn't as serious compared to the next expansion. In 2015, he did a big expansion, he expanded to Snapchat, Reddit, Tumblr, Chinese social media websites (Only with his VPN on, because his data can be sent to the Chinese government and he can vulnerable to cyber attacks), and etc. This 2015 expansion caused the left-wing community to become really furious, upset, and concerned about his monopolization on social media for the money, they were so upset about it that the left-wing community were pressuring governments to take action and to investigate against Haderon Fare'eshyi. Libertarians oppose the investigation due to their beliefs of minimal regulation and interference, for Anarchists, they don't want anything regulated and no interference. Neoliberals and Crony capitalists oppose it as well, and same thing with the establishment, which's also making people believe that Haderon Fare'eshyi is part of the establishment, a neoliberal, and a crony capitalist.

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