⸮حلپذ خايف من ظلام (romanized as Halpadh Xayif Man Zalam?) is the Barokian dub of Are You Afraid of the Dark?. It aired from 1995-1998 on Nickelodeon with the 1999-2000 episodes airing in 2002 on BBT 2 (said episodes eventually premiered on Nick Barokia in 2004).

The 1991-1996 episodes were dubbed in Barokia by Syncron International, whilst the 1999-2000 episodes were dubbed in Celdonia by Solvaliu Film. Ismat Al-Fusid was able to reprise Tucker by recording his dialogue via phone patching.

Voice cast

1991-1996 Midnight Society

1999-2000 Midnight Society

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