'Hanayo Katsuragi' (Japanese: 葛城 花代; Hepburn: 'Katsuragi Hanayo') was a Minecraftian Shinto preacher and shrine maiden. Minecraftian government officials said that she was a key recruiter and motivator and that she the co-founder of and was involved in planning several terrorist operations for the communist militant group Shintoist Province and Scarlet Devil of Minecraftia. Katsuragi was the first leader of the group to be killed, shortly after giving birth to her son Jack Fuchs in 1988; King Soujirou of Minecraftia and President Reagan of the United States both ordered her to be killed. Her husband and son were both killed two decades later in 2008. With a long series of video lectures and faxed blog posts, she was described by El Kadsreian newspaper El Kadsre Daily Inquirer as the "Scarlet Devil of the 1980s." Following an order from the El Kadsreian Ministry of Culture, VidSpace removed all of her video lectures from the site. According to The New York Times, she was considered to be one of the most influential figures in inspiring acts of terrorism before her death.

As a shrine maiden of a shrine in Toride, Akashima and later Kozankyo, she spoke with three Soviet spies, all three of whom were members of the original SPASDOM. They succeeded in perpetrating the assassinations of King Kenjirou's family and Queen Consort Kanata, but failed to win the Minecraftian Revolution. In 1984, President Ronald Reagan placed Katsuragi and her husband on the CIA Kill List. In late 1987, Katsuragi was arrested for her terrorist acts before receiving capital punishment. Prior to her arrest, she was impregnated by her husband to "have the kami's child" and escaped a few days before she was due to give birth and later died after giving birth to her son.


Early years

Katsuragi was born on September 3, 1958, in Toride, Akashima. Her father was a scholar doing graduate work at universities in Minecraftia. Her family moved to Kozankyo when she was eleven. She would later go on to attend Emenbee Elementary and Junior High School, as well as Emenbee All-Girls Academy.

Later life and SPASDOM ties

Katsuragi later met her future husband Fred Fuchs while attending a dance with him.

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