Hausaland, also known as the Islamic Republic of Hausaland, is an Asian-African country bordered by Egypt, Turkey, Israel, Jordan, Libya and Greece.


Haus-Nigeria (1915-1933)

In 1915, Hausa people from Nigeria founded the Haus-Nigeria. It was captured by Britain after WWI.

Independence declaration (1933-1943)

On April 30, 1933, Hausaland declared independence from United Kingdom, known as "The Hausalish Independent War".

Modern-day Hausaland (1943-present)

10 years later, the Hausalish Independent War ended and Hausaland became independent. A large group of Americans arrived in the country, so the English language was introduced in 1945.


The currency of Hausaland is Ha, divided into 50 cents.


The population of Hausaland is 301,538,679.


The TV networks are Hausaland Broadcasting Corporation, Africa Television, Rawya Central Television etc.


Hausaland is divided into 4 states, Rawya, Faja, Ibrahimabad, and Mahqam. The capital is located in the state of Ibrahimabad.

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