The Hausekeep Playhouse is a children's-orientated theatre located in Hausekeep, North Kuboia. It was opened in 1995, and has been called one of the "go-to" attractions in North Kuboia.


Construction started in 1992, and was finished in early 1995. The theatre was built over what was originally a large, unoccupied grass area containing only a singular shelter.


During what the theatre calls the "Christmas" period, usually early November to early January, it mostly shows Kuboian pantomime performances. Other times of the year, the theatre shows a mixture of musicals, although ones originating outside of Kuboia are often "Kuboianised".

Food and drinks

Main article: Street 87

The theatre's on-the-side restaurant is Street 87. Additionally, the theatre also features an underground lounge and bar.

In popular culture

  • During the early and mid 2000s, auditions for Nick Karaoke Stars took place in one of the venues.


Critical reception

TBA visited the theatre in 2018, calling it an "interesting" experience. He criticised the inside of the building for looking very dated, stating that it "looks almost exactly like it did twenty years ago", but stated that the seats were comfortable and had a lot of legroom. He was mixed regarding the performance

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