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Heart Beat Studios is the in-house recording studio of Second Beat Records, located in Oslo, Norway. Founded in 1988 by Kåre Berrefjord, Dr. Sebastian, Romeo Mayer, and JE-Boy as Heartbeat Productions A/S and gaining the current name in 1994 with the founding of Second Beat, it has been the recording studio for many of Second Beat's artists. The studio was originally located in Holmenkollen, but in 2008 the studio moved to a new home in a commercial development at Bjørvika.


The original Heart Beat Studios in Holmenkollen

The first Heart Beat Studios facility began as a series of empty rooms in a large medical office building in a hilly part of Holmenkollen. The studio was accessed through an anteroom within the building's main stairwell. The main studio room was fitted with sound insulation and was large enough to fit up to 24 persons. Later on other adjoining rooms were used for storing instruments and creating aural special effects.

Studio relocation to Bjørvika

In August 2005, Aftenposten reported that Second Beat Records A/S had purchased property space in a proposed new commercial property development at Bjørvika on the Oslo waterfront, with the intention of building a new sound studio and office there, so that the majority of Second Beat's recording, merchandise, and administration can be managed from a single location. The move to the new premises was completed in mid-2008 and, as well as sound recording, the new Heart Beat Studios includes a rehearsal space for the preparation of concert performances.

The Heart Beat staff


Other branches

  • Heart Beat Nashville - Located on Music Row in Nashville, Tennessee, it replaced Second Beat Nashville Studios, which burned down on February 10, 2014.
  • Heart Beat Miami - Located in the Miami suburb of Aventura, Florida, it houses most of the artists of Second Beat Latina. It originally operated under the name "Second Beat Miami" until 2016.