Hi-Tech Electronics, formerly known as 'Hokushi Information Technologies Corporation' (Japanese: 北斎情報技術株式会社; Hepburn: 'Hokusai Jōhō Gijutsu Kabushiki-gaisha'), is a El Kadsreian-Hokuish technology company that manufacturers electronic learning products from infancy to preschool, megaphones, home and business phones, desktop computers, CB radios, walkies-talkies and loudspeakers. It is headquartered in Tennjo, Hokushi.


Hi-Tech was founded in Tennjo in the Vlokozuian territory of Hokushi in 1978 by two Hokuish students, Ken Hamill and Haruki Inoue. When the Apple II was released in shelves in the Vlokozu Union in autumn of 1977, it spawned an amount of clones of the Apple II, and Hamill and Inoue saw this an opportunity to start the computer business and so they started to develop microcomputers.

The first product made by the company was a "Hi-Tech 1", a Apple II clone that looks very identical to the aforementioned Apple II including the identical case and keyboard layout. Released in November 1978, it was priced as VU $300. It was a big success and over 1 million units were sold in the Union, although it was one of the cheapest computers on the market, it was expensive for the Sentanese and Vicnorans due to the states' poverty rates.

In 1979, inspired by the success of Texas Instruments' Speak & Spell, Hi-Tech introduced its first electronic learning product called "Learn 1". It taught children basic maths and spelling. It was a another success for the company and 1.7 million units were sold. One other notable educational toy made by Hi-Tech are "Robby", a educational robot toy released in 1990, that will later become a mascot of the company and appear in first two Toy Story films.

During the early 1980s, Hi-Tech branched out into personal computers, including Startron, a line of IBM-compatible PCs. On the same decade, Hi-Tech produced home phones and was one of the biggest phone manufacturers in the Union and in 1988, Hi-Tech introduced the Microtalk, the world's first flip phone. The Microtalk line remained as one of the biggest-selling mobile phones in El Kadsre until Theorysonic released the TheoryPhone in 1996, when it dominated the phone market. Hi-Tech exited the mobile phone market in 2000 due to light competition.

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