'Hideo Ochiai Laboratories' (Japanese: 落合ヒデオ実験室, Hepburn: 'Ochiai Hideo Jikken-shitsu'), often called Hideo Ochiai Labs and abbreviated as HOL (pronounced haul), is a digital rights managing company that manages the rights for Drillimation properties based in Kozankyo. Asides from defending Drillimation's properties, they also defend the rights of third-party developers for Driller Engine-based games. It is named after the fictional character of the same name.


The company was founded in 2001 by a group of three Driller Engine programmers who were trying to effectively defend their rights to their games.


The company has been criticized by critics for unofficial takedowns of Drillimation fanworks, which led to Drillimation making the Drillimation Content Usage Rules and Regulations. Like with any internet freedom, the company has been frequently targeted by hackers for retaliation of their takedowns. The attacks began to decline in 2009 after Drillimation was accused of abusing the DMCA under Hideo Ochiai Labs.

There have been several attempts at trying to get the site removed from the internet:

  • In 2004, a Canadian Drillimation player from Vancouver, British Columbia, had been relatively high up when several of his fanworks were hit by DMCA takedowns from HOL. Nonetheless, he was responsible for two distributed denial of service attacks he launched on Drillimation and HOL. Despite his attacks, he eventually had to attend a disciplinary hearing and was sentenced to 30 hours of community service.
  • In 2006, two hackers from the Charlesland Republic hacked the website for HOL and replaced the home page of the site with a nude, fan-made image of Kagami Ochiai raising her middle finger at the viewer. HOL eventually took the image down after it was up for two and a half hours and both hackers were criminally charged with sexual exploitation of a minor and violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986. They were eventually sentenced to six years in federal prison.
  • 5-21-2017 12-08-32 PM

    The infamous tweet made by YourAnonNews after the site went down.

    In 2009, Anonymous DDoSed the site for HOL again for retaliation of takedowns on YouTube, under Operation Drillimation. Despite the attacks, HOL only suffered from seven hours of downtime from the two days of downtime the company experienced in 2004.
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