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'Hinata Kazunori' (Japanese: 一範 日向, Hepburn: 'Kazunori Hinata,) (January 26, 1941 - July 13, 2014) was an El Kadsreian author who dominated the children's literature market for much of the late 20th century. Before becoming an author, she was an English teacher at various schools across Glonisla.


Early years (1941-1959)

Kazunori was born on January 26, 1941, in Glonisla. She was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes at the age of 12 due to her love of sugary foods. Her dietary changes led her to struggle with her weight, primarily gaining around ten pounds (5kg) in one month. Within a year at the age of 13, she was reported 100 lbs (approx. 45kg) overweight, weighing 197 lbs (90kg).

As a result of this, Kazunori's mother switched dietary plans. This plan was successful, causing her to lose more than 70 pounds within two years, but was still overweight upon the loss.

University years (1959-1963)

Teaching years (1963 - 1975)

After graduating from college, Kazunori began teaching English at a local high school in Glonisla.

The Rainbow Mirror series (1989-2006)

Following the decline of her short stories, she wanted to write children's novels to fulfill her needs. Her husband suggested writing a novel where a girl must find a gemstone to rapidly grow into a nubile woman in order to find love from a man. Her husband also suggested setting the series in magical environments. In 1991, the first novel in the series, Akari Kagamine and the Rainbow Mirror, was published and became a smash hit, spawning an anime and numerous merchandise.

She also wrote a few side stories of the novels, most notably Kyouko's Rainbow Trip, about a young orphan who hears a prophecy that she will become a ruling queen when she comes of age.

Decline of health and death (2006-2014)

Kazunori underwent a gastric bypass surgery in the fall of 2007 due to unstable health conditions. She stated that she had been suffering from obesity since she was a teenager. In 2011, she was diagnosed with esophageal cancer and underwent surgery to remove the tumor. On July 13, 2014, she was pronounced dead at the Glonisla Hospital after cancer had returned. She was survived by Kichirou, her two children, and four grandchildren.