Hiram Rao (born October 11, 1942) is the current Israeli Ambassador to Barokia.


Hiram was born Rao Xiaoliang (Traditional Chinese: 饒曉亮 Simplified Chinese: 饶晓亮) in Kaifeng, China into a family of Kaifeng Jews. His family made aliyah to Israel in 1968 to escape the Cultural Revolution, relocating to Jerusalem, where they operated a Chinese restaurant.

In 2014, he became Israeli Ambassador to Barokia, replacing Malachi Ben-Aharon. Hiram is the second Asian Jew to serve in this position, Itzhak Fuchigami, Ambassador from 1999-2006, was born in Japan to a Israeli father and a Japanese mother.

In 2016, Hiram ordered the Barokian government to ban pro-Palestinian artist Carlos Latuff. After Hiram's demand, Latuff was blocked from crossing the Barokia-Brazil Border during a planned visit to Barokia ComicCon.

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