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Hiroki Saitou (斉藤弘樹 Saitō Hiroki; March 13, 1978 - July 15, 2005) was an El Kadsreian actor, writer and VidSpacer. Saitou began his career as the child actor in television shows. Saitou made his acting debut in 1984 starting with Vivanovelas. In 1987, Saitou turned his back on Viva then moved to El TV Kadsre, where he portrayed Goru in Big Triangle. In 1998, Saitou portrayed Takuma in Midgygiant. The character was well-recived by critics. In 2005, Saitou died of drug overdose.

Early life

Hiroki was born in Romrac in March 13, 1978. He is the older brother of Yoshi (born 1982), the actor, his mother Kanon, the artist, and his father Sho, the teacher and the police officer. He was fluent in French and Japanese.