Not to be confused with Hiroshi Takajima.

'Hiroki Takajima' (Japanese: 高島 浩紀; Hepburn: 'Takajima Hiroki') is a Japanese anime producer and director, comics & manga artist, voice actor, and professional magician. He is the eldest child of Hiroshi and Miyuki Takajima, both of whom worked at Drillimation Studios.


Takajima began his life on November 1, 1977 in Edogawa, Tokyo, as the oldest of two sons to Hiroshi and Miyuki Takajima. He has a younger brother named Susumu Takajima (born 1979). At a young age, Takajima had an interest in video games and spent most of his youth playing on his Famicom, while also performing as an amateur magician.

Takajima met his future wife Meira Katsumoto in high school in 1993, who was a maid who worked at a maid café that her parents owned. Katsumoto became fascinated in him that she invited him over to the café for a cup of tea, which started their friendship. At the same time, Hiroki was involved in the creation of the Drillimation Studios series Otter Magician Sammy, based on characters designed for Drillimation by Jim Jinkins. Hiroki and Nobuo worked together on creating the concept for the series, taking inspiration from Hiroki's magician showmanship and Nobuo's love of "anything that was a mustelid".

In 1999, Hiroki became a freelancer, but still does work for Drillimation Studios. He currently lives in Akiruno, Tokyo

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