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Hitmarker Animations is an El Kadsrean animation studio that was founded in 2013 by Akira Hisashi and Susumu Takajima. The studio focuses on producing animation content for film, television, video games, and for marketing purposes. The studio also participates in co-productions with other animation studios.


Hitmarker Animations was founded in 2013 to co-produce the animated crossover film Drillimation X Blitzivan, which was scheduled to be released in November of the same year. It eventually went on to produce, co-produce, and collaborate on a number of animated shows, movies and provided cutscenes for various video games and promotional art for marketing.

During the production of Drillimation X Blitzivan, co-writer Akira Hisashi was openly concerned that the film might face the same production problems that the animation companies who were working on the film faced during the production of The Drillimation Movie. On June 14, 2013, Akira Hisashi announced that she'll be opening her own animation studio to further help with the production of the film. With the help of Drillimation Studios' CEO Susumu Takajima, Hisashi and Takajima formed Hitmarker Animations on June 20, 2013.