From 1989 to 2004, and again since 2005, CBC's Hockey Night in Canada games were aired on Banushen Television every Saturday night. Before that, Vlokozu Television aired its games under the VTV NHL Hockey banner.


In early 1989, after El TV Kadsre Television Network bought out Vlokozu Television, the network terminated the rights to air Hockey Night in Canada, although there's still two years left on its contract. In the meantime, Banushen Television bought out its contract and signed on to air Hockey Night in Canada in order to start airing from the 1989-90 season onward.

The first broadcast of Hockey Night in Canada drew bigger audiences on Banushen Television in 1989, something compared to its Vlokozu Television predecessor VTV NHL Hockey in the 1988-89 season. Its most profilic broadcast came in the 1990s, when MatsuMedia is about to dominate in the ratings field.

During lockouts, three big times happen. The first, during the 1994-95 lockout had the ability to air three action shows, The Code of the Heat, Imagine the Journey and Tim Kano, Secret Agent, both of them don't do well in the ratings. The second, from 2004-05, aired Golf Night in El Kadsre, Motorsports Night in El Kadsre, Hockey Night in El Kadsre and Burbank Films Wizard's Tales specials. The third during the 2012 NHL lockout, aired Hockey Night in El Kadsre.

Currently, Banushen Television is airing recent Hockey Night in Canada games, which are simulcast from CBC and networks of Rogers Sports & Media.

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