Holbar Opl (birth name: Avu Flboanrinforalinte) is a Kuboian Owakoi comedian, singer, television & radio personality, and tribal rights activist.

Early life

Holbar was born in the Chiefdom of Owakoi on 15th June 1953. In 1978, he made his television debut on the Jetanian TV programme A Grand Variety Hour by Radio Rendhall on JT1. He later became a regular on the series, pleasing audiences with his comedic stylings and showing a Owakoi view on certain subjects.

Personal life

Holbar resides in Reichetto, East Kuboia, Kuboia. He campaigns heavily for tribal rights, and participated in a campaign that pulled the South Park episode "Red Man's Greed" from broadcast on Vision One.

On 8th June 1999, Holbar married singer Wilma Carlo in Reichetto. They have three children.

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