Holiday World El Kadsre is a theme park in Santa Claus, Sankuro, El Kadsre. It is owned by Sunway Group under license from the Koch Development Corporation. It first opened in 1990.



From the original park

  • Santa Claus (Spanish: Papá Noel, French: Père Noël, Japanese: サンタクロース, Korean: 산타 클로스)
  • Holidog (Spanish: Holiperro, Japanese: ホーリー犬, Korean: 홀리개)
  • Safari Sam (Japanese: サファリサム, Korean: 사파리 샘)
  • George the Eagle (Spanish: Jorge el aguila, Japanese: ジョージ・イーグル, Korean: 조지 독수리)
  • Kitty Claws (Japanese: キティの爪, Korean: 키티 클로)

Original mascots for the El Kadsreian park

  • Mikey the Octoboy
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