How I Feel is a single by British-born Kuboian recording artists and sisters Charlie and Naomi Karma taken from their collaborative studio album Sister Act. Produced by DJ Kubin, the song features the two speaking to each other about their difficult childhood.

How I Feel was released as a single on 15th October, 1999. It received positive reviews from critics, who praised the chemistry between the two singers, although some of the singers' acquaintances and family members questioned the historical accuracy of the lyrics. The single peaked at the top of the Karuboia chart where it remained for eleven weeks. It was the Christmas number one in 1999, and is the fourth best-selling song in the country of all-time.


An early version of the song was recorded by Charlie Karma in July 1998, intended as a single from her debut studio album Me and My Friends. However, the song's producer, DJ Kubin, suggested that she reworked the song with Naomi, and for the two to re-record it as a duet.

Track listing

Kuboian CD single

  1. "How I Feel"
  2. "How I Feel" [radio edit]
  3. "How I Feel" [instrumental]

Kuboian cassette

  1. "How I Feel"
  2. "How I Feel" [instrumental]

UK cassette

  1. "How I Feel"
  2. "Find a Way"
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