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Howie Bogaert (born February 28, 1995) is a Canadian actor, voice actor and impressionist who hails from Prince Edward Island. In 2016, he assumed both of Tyrone Savage's main roles with Nelvana Limited, Matthias of the Redwall franchise and Jack Rabbit of Franklin. He also has voiced Young Martin the Warrior in the Redwall franchise, having taken over the role from Amos Crawley.

His father, Clarence Bogaert Hilferty, is a veteran stage actor in Canada who divides his time between Charlottetown and Vancouver. Howie credits Frank Welker, Len Carlson, Martin Berger, Kathleen Barr, and Scott McNeil as his voice acting influences.


Howie first attended Charlottetown Rural High School, being active in the school theater club. He attended Simon Fraser University and graduated in 2014 with a performing arts degree.


He started his acting career at the age of 7, commuting between Vancouver and Charlottetown on the weekends with his father for acting roles. His first ever role was Timmy Brisby in The Secret of NIMH, Follow the Spirits...

Howie was first called in to voice Matthias in 2012 when he was asked to become an understudy for Tyrone Savage. When Savage retired from the role in 2016, the role of Matthias was given to Howie.

Howie first recorded Matthias' dialogue for the live shows Latikuu Edacra's Frozen Over 2 and Latikuu Edacra's Celebration Video Party. He gave his first full performance as Matthias for the Redwall: Fire & Brimstone video game.

His first voice work for Carwardine Parks as Matthias could be heard in the Carwardine Colony opening show Welcome to Carwardine Colony, as well as the Carwardine Mover, in which upon passing through Kids Kountry, Matthias responds with "Of course! It isn't Kids Kountry without me, Matthias, Warrior of Redwall!"

In 2017, Howie assumed Savage's other former role with Nelvana, Jack Rabbit of Franklin, for the new VStar live show Franklin's Birthday Bash.

Personal Life

Howie, who resides in Vancouver, divides his time between Vancouver, Charlottetown and Toronto. He is of Irish and Dutch ancestry through his parents. He is a member of UBCP/ACTRA. He has been friends since childhood with fellow Prince Edward Island native Amanda Craughwell, and is a longtime friend of Enyu Ni.



Year Title Role
2016-present The Heathcliff & Riff-Raff Show Hector
2018-present Franklin (Season 7-present) Jack Rabbit
2018 Redwall: Lost Souls Martin the Warrior, Matthias
2019-present Barney & Friends Barney
2019-2020 Digimon App Monsters Torajirou Andrews, Offmon / Shutmon / Rebootmon,
Mailmon, Agumon / WarGreymon (Allspark English dub)
2021 Redwall: Bloody Revenge Matthias, Vitch
2021-present Digimon Adventure Agumon / Greymon / MetalGreymon / WarGreymon / MugenDramon / BlitzGreymon (Allspark English dub)

Video games

Year Title Role
2018 Redwall: Unleashed Matthias
2020 Redwall: Martin Martin the Warrior
Legends of Redwall: Heroes and Vermin Matthias

Web videos

Year Title Role
2019 ETVKK On The Spot Zachary Foxx (imitating & voice-matching Jerry Orbach)

Theme park attractions

Year Title Role
2018 The Raccoons Live On Stage Cedric Sneer (imitating Marvin Goldhar)
Latikuu Edacra's 100% Amazing Video Party Matthias
Cedric Sneer
2019 Mattel's Best Friends Club Barney the Dinosaur
Mattel's Superpowers Club Prince Adam / He-Man (imitating John Erwin)