Huggies Big Kids (formerly named Pull-Ups' Big Kids) are daytime disposable underwear first sold in 1992, designed for mostly for frequent urination children and is of the leading brand who offer products to older children aged 4 to 15 who still require the use of absorbent underwear to manage their nighttime incontinence, primarily sold for people with autism or with irritable bowel syndrome or with clothed bowel movement or with frequent urination. Primary school students from the junior high school children of up to bedwetting are made on the assumption.



The Mel Twins


Started September 2018, Huggies Big Kids and DryNites comic has been released about young kids with bedwetting and urine issues, featuring Mel Twins who wears Big Kids underpants. This comic was artist by TheRealCartoonist.

Special needs children

Huggies Big Kids are designed meet the special needs of children seven and older. Many children are not able to be potty training due to special needs children.


  • medium/large (4-7) (aged of children)
  • extra large/xl (8-15) (aged of preteens)



  • plain


  • Transformers (boys)
  • Sailor Moon (girls)


  • lighting strikes (boys)
  • butterflies, peace signs and flowers (girls)


  • stars (boys)
  • peace signs, flowers and hearts (girls)


  • blue (boys)
  • pink (girls)


  • Star Wars (boys)
  • Goldieblox (girls)

Limited edition designs

  • Marvel Power Pack (2016, 2018)
    • Sized 4-7
      • Jack Power (boys)
      • Katie Power (girls)
    • Sized 8-15
      • Alex Power (boys)
      • Julie Power (girls)

Big Kids Boxer & Shorts

Big Kids Boxers (for boys) and Shorts (for girls) were a product manufactured by Kimberly-Clark El Kadsre from 2006 to present. They were designed to look and feel like boxers. They were blue for boys and pink for girls. The outer covering was cloth-like to look like a pair of boxers. The inside was a white, plastic diaper.


  • I'm big kid now too! (1992-present)

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