Huss-TechEruo is the amusement park ride manufacturer division of TechEruo that was formed via a partnership with Huss Rides in 1990. The joint-venture of TechEruo and HUSS is headquartered in Eruowood City, Eruowood.

TechEruo bought out HUSS full in 1992, and since then, HUSS is defunct except Huss-TechEruo. Unlike the original Huss where's it's either all-caps or "Huss", this one is just "Huss", also, you're not allowed to pronounce it like "cuss", you have to pronounce it like "muse".

Huss-TechEruo also makes replacement parts for older Huss and Arrow Dynamics rides, they were also originally going to make replacement parts for the Jester until it was taken over by S&S Sansei due to Vekoma refusing to give the blueprints to the company. Some of the Huss-TechEruo flat ride can be custom themed. The company also makes replacement ride op systems for various types of roller coasters & amusement rides, and manufactures replacement parts for TOGO, Giovanola, Custom Coasters International and Roller Coaster Corporation of America coasters. In turn, some of the CCI and RCCA RMC conversions have their new supports done by Huss-TechEruo.

List of flat rides manufactured by Huss-TechEruo

Manufactured by TechEruo in the Flying Eagle Industrial Park in Barrington, Eruowood and Huss Gépgyár Kft. in Budapest, Hungary.

Non-kiddie rides

  • Caterpillar (an updated version of Hyla F. Maynes' Caterpillar flat ride that was built by Traver Engineering and other companies)
  • Classic Carousel (an old-fashioned-style carousel)
    • Classic Double-Deck Carousel (double-deck/two-storey version of Classic Carousel)
  • Classic Ranger (an updated version of the Huss Ranger ride)
  • Cliffhanger
  • Enterprise Wheel
  • Ferris Wheel
  • Frisbee (was redesigned heavily after the FairCon Regional Rhode Island incident and the Ohio State Fair KMG Afterburner incident)
  • Jump Tower (Similar to the Spring ride by Moser)
  • Loop-O-Plane (An updated version of the classic Eyerly Aircraft Company Loop-O-Plane ride)
  • Midi Jump (Similar to the Jumpin 16 by Zamperla)
  • New Carousel (A "more modern"-designed carousel)
  • New Ranger (A floorless version of the Ranger ride)
    • New Ranger Twin (A twined version of the New Ranger ride)
  • Pirate Ship
  • Roll-O-Plane (An updated version of the classic Eyerly Aircraft Company Roll-O-Plane ride)
  • Roto-Round (An updated version of the Mangles Whip ride)
  • Scrambler
  • Sky Tower
  • Suspended Top Spin
  • Swing Around
  • Swing-A-Ling (Was originally created as an attempt to compete with S&S' Screamin' Swing ride)
  • Tagada
  • Top Scan
  • Top Spin
  • Troika
  • Waltzer
  • Wave Swinger
    • Wave Swinger Deluxe (A bigger version of the Wave Swinger ride with more chairs)
  • Waxer

Kiddie rides

  • Bucket Blasters
  • Buzzy Bees (Similar to the Red Baron ride, but with bees)
  • Elephant Stomp (Similar to the Red Baron ride, but with elephants)
  • Flying Red Baron
  • Junior Caterpillar
  • Junior Ferris Wheel
  • Junior Jump (Similar to the Jumpin' Star ride by Zamperla)
  • Junior Pirate Ship
  • Junior Roto-Round (An updated version of the Mangles Kiddie Whip ride)
  • Junior Scrambler
  • Junior Wave Swinger
  • Kiddie Go-Round
  • Red Baron


no longer built but still supported.

  • Airboat
  • Ranger
  • Ranger 2 (A twined version of the Ranger ride)
  • Sky Flyer (Attempt to compete with Funtime's Star Flyer and Mondial's Wind Seeker but failed)
  • Sky Lab
  • UFO

List of roller coasters manufactured by Huss-TechEruo

The coasters are manufactured by TechEruo Manufacturing Japan in Osaka, Japan. The seal of quality on all the coasters has Laura Powers with the text "Professional - Courage - Greatness - TechEruo JP".

Roller coasters

  • Bobsled Coaster
  • Carnival Coaster
  • Flying Coaster
  • Inverted/Suspended Coaster
  • Spinning Coaster
  • Stand-Up 2.0 (the first ever floorless stand up coaster)
  • Wild Mouse Coaster
  • Wooden Coaster

Kiddie coasters

  • Figure Eight
  • Junior Carnival Coaster
  • Junior Suspended Coaster
  • Junior Wild Mouse Coaster


Legacy/Still Supported

  • Stand-Up Coaster (redesigned in 2018)
  • Junior Stand-Up Coaster (discontinued in 2010 after it was recalled after a small child fell out of a train due the restraints being too big for a kiddie coaster, the child however survived with minor injuries)

Ride-Op Systems

  • TE-1000 (est. 1999, usually used for older Arrow Coasters including Mine Trains, Hypers, Loopers, Corkscrews, Custom Designs and even Disney installed a few of these for their Space Mountain rides)
  • TE-1001 (2001-2015, same as TE-1000, but meant to work for Windows XP's hardware instead of HTE-OS, discontinued due to Windows XP being discontinued)
  • TE-1001-MAC (est. 2004, same as TE-1001, but designed to work with macOS instead of Windows XP)
  • TE-1001-LINUX (est. 2004, same as TE-1001, but designed to work with Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora instead of macOS or Windows XP; heavily programmable in comparision to TE-1001 and TE-1001-MAC; also used on some wooden roller coasters and RMC I-Box coasters such as Boardwalk Bullet at Kemah Boardwalk, Le Monstre at La Ronde and The Joker at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom)
  • TE-1111 (est. 2000, used for S.D.C. Galaxi and Hurricane coasters, this is also common on Pinfari Zyklons and Schwarzkopf WildCats)
  • TE-1511 (est. 2004, used for traveling S.D.C. Galaxi coasters, this is also common on Pinfari Wacky Worms and Zamperela Family Gravity Coasters)
  • TE-1500 (est. 2000, originally developed for use on older wooden roller coasters that have had their operations computerized, was originally developed for The Bush Beast at Wonderland Sydney (now Six Flags Sydney) at the request of Sunway Group, also used on some Intamin Prefabricated Wooden Coasters such as Balder at Liseburg and Woosh! at Alabama's Backyard)
  • TE-2000 (est. 2000, usually used for Huss flat rides and Intamin 1st Gen Freefalls that have a broken ride op panel, sometimes used for Huss-TechEruo flat rides)
  • TE-2001 (2001-2015, same but meant to work for Windows XP's hardware, discontinued in 2015 and parts unsupported in 2020, people are encourage to use the TE-2000 instead)
  • TE-2002 (est. 2002, used for Huss Frisbees due to a limited radio antenna on the regular TE-2000)
  • TE-2501 (est. 2004, same as TE-2001 but meant to work with macOS' hardware)
  • TE-3000 (2003-2004, used only on three attractions that debuted between 2003-2004 - Top Thrill Dragster, Sky Swat at SFAW, and Gotham City Crime Wave, discontinued due to Nvidia's chip used for the system being discontinued)
  • TE-3500 (est. 2004, used as a replacement for the TE-3000 with a more modern chip, mainly used on Intamin Accelerators, Sky Swat type rides and Wave Swigners)
  • TE-4000 (est. 2005, built for use on the then-in production Star Flyer model by Funtime, later used for several Star Flyers that use the TechEruo hydraulic/magnetic systems and both of the Drop of Dooms at Six Flags parks)
  • TE-4545 (est. 2017, used for traveling Star Flyers)
  • TE-5000 (est. 2005, built for use on El Toro due to the TE-3500 or the TE-4000 not recognizing the turns properly, since then. it's used on most modern wooden coasters that use the TechEruo operating program)
  • TE-5555 (est. 2015, used to render wooden coasters with inversions more properly since their ride-op system on Son of Beast, Goliath at SFGAm, Goliath at Six Flags Taiwan, Outlaw Run, and Hades 360 often crashed)
  • TE-6000 (est. 2006, a model mainly used for B&M coasters)
  • TE-6666 (est. 2016, same as the TE-6000, but made for Windows 10)
  • TE-7000 (est. 2007, a Ride-Op system used for Non-Drop of Doom Drop Towers)
  • TE-7500 (2010-2020, same as 7000 but made for Windows 7, discontinued due to the discontinuation of Windows 7)
  • TE-7777 (est. 2017, same ads 7000 but made for Windows 10)
  • TE-8000 (est. 2008, a model used for Morgans and Vekomas)
  • TE-8500 (est. 2008, a model used for TOGO coasters, developed due to the TE-1001 having issues operating some TOGO Ultra Twister coasters)
  • TE-9000 (est. 2009, a model built for Phantom's Revenge since both the 1000 and 8000 were incompatible, also later used for RMCs)
  • TE-9999 (est. 2019, same as TE-9000 but updated to be compatible with Windows 10)
  • TE-9500 (est. 2012, a model built for Intamin Prefabricated Wooden Coasters but also used on some standard wooden coasters)
  • TE-100¹ (est. 2010, a model used for Premier Rides coasters)
  • TE-200¹ (est. 2012, a model used for Gravity Group coasters)
  • TE-300¹ (est. 2013, a model built for Hades 360, but later reused on other retrackings of old wooden coasters)
  • TE-400¹ (est. 2016, a model built for use with RMC Raptors, planned to also be used for RMC T-Rexes, also used on Zadra due to being a built up I-Box Coaster and on Wicked Cyclone at Six Flags New England)
  • TE-500¹ (est. 2020, a model that will be used for Ice Breaker, Pantheon and other shuttle coasters, both newfangled and refurbished)
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