Hy Fibre is a Kuboian traditionally animated fantasy drama film based off the 1974 novel The Adventures of Hy Fibre. It was produced by Maximus Films and Airobic Animation, and was distributed by Hourglass Pictures, although it was distributed by Entertainment One and Sony Pictures Releasing outside of Kuboia.

Hy Fibre was released in Kuboian cinemas on 20th September, 2005 before being released elsewhere in July 2006, and grossed €74 million on a €28 million budget. Although the film has been acclaimed by the Kantasy fandom, it has received mixed to negative reviews by most critics, who mostly criticised its characters, long runtime and plot elements.

A followup to the film, Hy Fibre: Part II, was released on 6th October, 2006.


Hy Fibre, a spoilt and naive pre-teen boy from a well-off family, gets lost when playing outside. On his way back home, he meets a variety of people with problems and tries to help them out whilst trying to find the one thing missing in his life - friendship.

Cast and characters

  • TBA as Hy Fibre, a spoilt eleven year-old boy.
  • TBA as Lottie Fibre, Hy's ten year-old sister, who is his only form of companion.
  • TBA as Lucy, a talking stray cat with a snarky attitude.
  • TBA as Markus, an incompetent and mistreated soldier.
  • TBA as Ilizabeth, a girl from a poor family.
  • TBA as Goblin, an alien creature looking for a new planet to live on.
  • TBA as TBA, a manipulative and power hungry company executive.



The idea for a film based on The Adventures of Hy Fibre was pitched in 1995. The film was originally going to be an approximately four-hour feature, as the team felt the film needed to be longer in order for the story to be told in a sensible manner, but it was split into two different films since "nobody, especially kids, would want to sit in the cinema for four straight hours".


Animation for Hy Fibre began in September 2000. The film uses traditional animation, with the use of Computer Animation Production System for its digital ink. Like most Kuboian animation, all of the characters have "black bead" eyes, and the film uses a limited amount of shading.


Hy Fibre was originally scheduled for a release date of 30th September, 2003, but was pushed back to 19th November, 2004, and again to 20th September, 2005 in order to allow more room for production. Following its Kuboian release, it was slowly released around the remainder of the world in the middle of 2006, beginning with the UK release on 7th July. The film spent almost a year receiving regular runs in Kuboian cinemas.

Age ratings

The film received a R9 by the Leisure Rating Association upon its cinema release, with the film receiving a 9 rating when released on DVD.

In the United Kingdom, the film received a PG rating for "moderate language and fantasy violence".

Home media

The film was released on DVD in region 2 on 27th November, 2006.


Box office

On a budget of €28 million, Hy Fibre grossed €74 million worldwide. The film debuted in at least 100 cinemas in Kuboia in its opening weekend, and overall grossed €20 million in said country alone. It grossed it highest amount in the United Kingdom, where it grossed €24 million.

Critical reception

Hy Fibre has received mixed to negative reviews from critics. The film currently holds a 39% rating approval on Rotten Tomatoes based on 132 reviews, with an average score of 5.3 out of 10. The site's critical consensus reads "Hy Fibre is a dramatic, edgy film with some heartwarming moments and pretty good animation, but it falls flat thanks to its ridiculously long running time, questionable plot elements and annoying characters." On Metacritic, the film has a score of 54 out of 100 based on 38 critics, indicating "mixed or average reviews". Audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of "A" on an A+ to F scale.

A lot of criticism went towards the film's titular character, who was criticised for being unrealistically and stereotypically naive, as well as for being very incompetent and prone to getting kidnapped. Critics were mostly ambivalent towards the other characters, particularly Lucy, who was described as being funny and entertaining by some critics, but was also panned for being unnecessary and annoying by others. Many reviews noted that the film has little in common with the original novel aside from retaining a few of the characters.

In more recent years, the film, along with its sequel, has received a cult following.


The film's official film score was released on 25th September, 2005. Three singles are featured in the film, but do not appear on the soundtrack.


Due to ending on a cliffhanger, a sequel and continuation of the events of Hy Fibre, titled Hy Fibre: Part II, was released on 6th October, 2006.

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