Hyh Rodgers (b. 27th December, 1989) is a Kuboian actor, model and singer of both Welsh and Swiss heritage. He is best known for playing himself in the television series Charlie Karma and Friends from 1999 to 2001, and being the temporary spouse of Charlie Karma on two occasions.

Early life

Hyh Rodgers was born on 27th December, 1989 in Hausekeep, North Kuboia to a Welsh father and a Swiss mother.

Personal life

On 6th February, 2005, Hyh married Charlie Karma, who is eighteen years older than him - Hyh was only fifteen years old at the time. A new law in the country forced the two to divorce eleven months later. After Hyh turned twenty years old, however, the two were briefly remarried from 27th March, 2010 to 16th August, 2011.



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As featured artist

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