Hyper Amy Sisters is a action platformer developed and published by Zerona.


The plot is told in the game's instruction manual. 

"Amy is just as her normal self selling candy, until Apd destroys the city and takes away her candy (and destroys the cities), that is! So Amy travels to the Beef Empire to end his evilness!"


The game is divided into 9 countries. Amy must collect several candies and complete missions in the levels to reach the end of a level, since Cyekpoints only appear when an varying amount of candy is collected.


  • Amy
  • Coline (Taiwanese only)
  • The people
  • Froggies
  • Apd


The game was a critical and commercial success. Due to this, the game got series, and formed the Hyper Amy series.

However, the game was also heavily criticized for it's various "kaizo traps".


Due to it's success, the game has since been ported and cloned various times before.

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