"Don't know B? This is- not only a game engine, but it makes Zerona developing 100% easier! Oh, and it's used by Zerona too, so you can make your games look official!"
- from the ad

the Zerona Hyper Engine is a series of game development tools created by Shao Ching Lan for the release of the Zerona Gaming Device in 1974.

After getting initial success with the engine, several third-party manufacturers, as well as independent developers, began using Hyper Engine for game development.

Depending on the computer the engine was ported to, users can export as an actual Zerona computer game.

There have been 16 versions so far, but there is no HZGD one. It was replaced by Ultengine.

This engine is also well known for helping create, and name the Hyper Amy series.

Notable versions

Hyper Engine: Rehydrated

Hyper Engine: Rehydrated is an fanmade port of Hyper Engine 1 to make games for the Amiga. An public rerelease that make games for the Hyper Zerona Gaming Device was included in the first copies of Hyper Amy Nomon, later going in it's own box.

Hyper Engine 3

Hyper Engine 3 is an enhanced version of Hyper Engine 2, with more features for starters, and the ability to port to newer systems, such as the Playcat.

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