'''Hyper Motocross''' (Japanese: ハイパーモトクロス, Hepburn: 'Haipā Motokurosu') refers to a series of motorcycle racing games developed by Forcefield Entertainment. Beginning in 1990 with Motocross Duo, the series has received several sequels, a spin-off title, and even has a shot 16-minute animated short film produced by Kotobushi in 2001. The original title was ported to the Gameboy Advance in 2001.

Hyper Motocross games

  • Motocross Duo - 1990 - The original game in the franchise.
  • Motocross Plus - 1991
  • Ga! Moto - 1992 - A PC-Engine spin-off that featured comical gameplay and parodied other racing games.
  • Twin Motocross - 1992
  • Twin Ga! Moto - 1993 - The sequel to Ga! Moto. Not to be confused with the similar titled Twin Motocross
  • Super Motocross - 1999
  • Wonder Motocross - 2000 - A remake of Motocross Duo that was developed for the Bandai WonderSwan.
  • Super Motocross 2 - 2004
  • Hyper Motocross R - 2007
  • Super Motocross DX - 2009
  • Super Hyper Motocross DX - 2012

Film adaptation

A short 16-minute film titled The Hyper Motocross Legend was released on October 17, 2001, in Japan only. It was shown alongside the theatrical release of Forcefield Tengoku: The Great Arcade and Console Battle Plan and was included as a bonus on the DVD release in 2015. It featured two segments, one focused on Motocross Duo, and the other being based on Ga! Moto and Twin Ga! Moto.Template:Forcefield Jaleco

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