Hyrule is a country in Asia and North America located in the Pacific Ocean.


Before colonization (1012-1656)

Hyrule was once just a grassy area with no inhabitants, until the year 1433 where some Asian people had arrived in the Asian area. Many years later came some European settlers who found the island in 1656. Most of them were made up of Spanish and Italian travellers. Years later the British had took the northern part of Hyrule. There weren't any tribes in Hyrule, despite the eastern and northern parts of the island are in North America.

After colonization (1656-1740)

The Spanish, Italian and later British settlers had control of the island in several parts until 1740 where some settlers revolted and kicked the other settlers out of Hyrule. Hyrule remained the same for a very long time until 1896, where the remaining settlers set up a government for the land.

The Beginning of Power (1896-1923)

Hyrule had conquered small islands next to the land, and the settlers named them in Hylian, a language they invented during colonization. Hyrule had took unexplored areas of its island and got bigger. The Japanese got into contact with Hyrule by asking them if they want to trade resources. Hyrule had sent a bunch of material native to the land, while the Japanese traded several food from their land to Hyrule.

In 1923 a revolution had began and Hyrule was introduced to Democracy after the revolution.

Preparing for War (1923-1939)

Hyrule was building an army ready for World War 2 due to suspicions of Germany wanting to invade Poland, a country Hyrule made allies with in 1925.

However, Hyrule decided to not join the war because they did not want to be invaded.

After the War (1945-1955)

Hyrule got a great economy years after the war had ended, however the former democratic kingdom of Hyrule collapsed. Democracy was kept though, as the 1955 Revolution failed and got the people arrested.

Current day Hyrule (1955-present)

Hyrule's economy was fixed and television had their first broadcasts in Hyrule during the year of 1956, a year after Hyrule was re-established. Castle Town was built during 1956 aswell. Years went by, and Castle Town got bigger and bigger.


Hyrule is located south of Minecraftia, and west of Simerica.

Channels and stuff

  • HY1 and others (English and Japanese)
  • Channel 4 Hyrule (English, Dutch, and Thai)
  • FOX Hyrule (Hylian, Korean, and English)
  • Nickelodeon Hyrule (English)
  • Cartoon Network Hyrule (French and English)


Hyrule is made up of 13 provinces, with the most populated being Tagro.

The capital city of Hyrule is located in the province of Saugaku.

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