'I.R. Enterprise Co., Ltd.' (Japanese: 株式会社IRエンタープライズ; Hepburn: Kabushiki Gaisha Ai Āru Entāpuraizu) is a Japanese animation studio that specializes in the production of anime. The studio's main jobs are as a sub-contracting company.


Hirokazu Nishimura joined Studio Edward Wong as an animator. Studio Edward Wong was reformed into two divisions, and, later, the first of Edward Wong's two studios became independent as I.R. Enterprise, with Nishimura as the head.

Notable people

  • Hirokazu Nishimura (character designer, animation director, key animator)
  • Hiroshi Emori (animator)
  • Makoto Ito (animator)
  • Mitsukuni Mitsui (animator)
  • Masayuki Uemura (animator)
  • Yuzo Yanai (animator)
  • Eiichi Furuya (animator)
  • Kisho Yoshizawa (inbetweener)
  • Yoshimasa Soga (inbetweener)
  • Yoshiko Yoshioka (inbetweener)
  • Rumiko Sega (inbetweener, painter)
  • Arisa Suzuki (painter)
  • Kayoko Hirayama (painter)
  • Satoko Sega (painter)
  • Misato Sega (painter)
  • Isamu Nishihara (painter)
  • Takanori Wakamoto (painter)
  • Toshinobu Takanashi (painter)
  • Toshikuni Nishikawa (painter)
  • Torazo Ida (photographer)
  • Takanori Oshiro (photographer)
  • Shojiro Tezuka (photographer)
  • Sadayoshi Nagai (photographer)
  • Masayuki Mihama (background artist)
  • Osamu Nishiyama (background artist)
  • Miki Mukai (background artist)
  • Katsuhiko Nagata (background artist)
  • Takamasa Takami (background artist)
  • Chiyo Mizushima (background artist)
  • Chika Yamane (background artist)


The list below is a list of I.R. Enterprise's works as a lead animation studio.

Anime television series

  • Madness Combat (Nippon TV, 2002-2019)

Anime films

  • Stick Figure Penalty: Chamber 2 (2003)
  • Candy Fight (short film, 2003)
  • The Three (2004)
  • Madness Combat: The Movie (2007)
  • The Seagull Movie (short film, 2014)


  • Breadman (2001-2002)
  • Stick Figure Penalty (2002)
  • Stick Figure Suicide (2002)
  • Excuse 2 Animate (2003)
  • Assorted Mishaps (2004)
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