Ibro Majrashi (born November 28, 1967) is a Barokian voice actor and singer.


Ibro was born in Khilali on November 28, 1967. His father, Fazal Shamshul Majrashi, was a Rohingya born in British Burma, and his mother, Opal Mayah Majrashi, was African-American and a Nation of Islam member. His father worked as a manager for a Dandachi Ice Cream in A'dbel, and his mother frequented the Jame Ajbariyah Mosque in Orgoz.


  • Baba Miao and The Foolish Magistrate in Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat (Barokian dub)
  • Zak in Dragon Tales (original Barokian dub)
  • Sportacus' singing voice and the singer of the theme song in LazyTown (Barokian dub)
  • The singer of the theme song in Arthur (2003 Barokian redub)
  • Hans Moleman in The Simpsons (Barokian dub)
  • Eric in South Park (Barokian dub)
  • The Harbormaster in Theodore Tugboat (Barokian dub)
  • Nick Wilde in Zootopia (Barokian dub)
  • Goku in All Dragon Ball shows (Barokian dub)
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