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Ich wünsche für (English: I wish for) is the German dub of Wishfart. In Germany, the series aired on the Super RTL programming block, Toggo, while in Austria, it aired on ORF 1. However, the show's German dub did not air in Switzerland, nor Belgium.

The series was dubbed by TV-Video Synchron in Bremen, with Dialogue by Norbert Schmidt and Ehren Ohlendorf, and Direction by Norbert Schmidt.


  • Otto Bauer as Dez
  • Karl Hoffmann as Puffin
  • Heidi Richter as Akiko
  • Adel Krüger as Tsuni
  • Bruno Weiß as Fireball Cat
  • Norbert Schmidt as The King of the Underworld
  • Carsten Müller as Phil
  • Gustav Meyer as Neptune
  • Elfriede Weber as Howie
  • Lindberg Fischer as Samuel
  • Audrick Wagner as Clooney
  • Rebekka Schneider as Emer
  • Alexis Maan as Finnuala
  • Otis Koch as Leslie Walderamma
  • Elena Becker as Dusty
  • Johan Neumann-Zimmermann as Gum King
  • Klaus Klein as G
  • Frieda Lange as Janice